When John Cumming bought a license in 1824 for his Cardhu distillery, he and his wife Helen for 13 years produced clandestinely whiskey. Whenever the tax inspectors came by Helen pretended mashing and fermentation was intended to make VANB red. Then, when the inspectors were the tea she made for henhad, they hoisted the red flag to warn the neighbors which decommiezen were coming.

When the distillery John and Helen Cumming once had headed an official license will increasingly focus on the quality. Their son and their daughter followed them. The quality of the malt they produced became essential to John Walker and Sons (of course known Johnnie Walker). So much so that Cardhu was the first distillery was acquired by Walker in 1893, although he was still run for a time by John, the grandson of John and Helen.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Cardhu ™ had a reputation as one of Scotland's finest malt whiskey distilleries. This reputation exists today still.

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