Singleton of Dufftown

A local saying in Dufftown goes, "Rome was built on seven hills, Dufftown stands on seven boilers".

It is therefore no wonder that the Speyside known worldwide for its sublime malt whiskeys. This fertile triangle between the mountains and the sea has long been known as the Garden of Scotland.

This geological beautiful landscape, criss-crossed by rivers and valleys, dominated by eroded mountain peaks, lies exactly in the middle and is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Visit if you have time to verkenen, the beautiful location where Dullan lapping along a distillery. Area If you look closely you can see kingfishers that hunt fish. Welcome to the picturesque surroundings of The Singleton of Dufftown.

Since that initial attempts by competing distillers to shift the the river where the Dufftown distillery are crystal clear spring water from pulled people from the distillery need to worry, so they focus their all attention to the use of their wonderful whiskey no more worries .

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