Aberfeldy distillery was founded in 1898 by the Dewar brothers who had already begun in 1896 with the construction of the necessary buildings. Located in the district of East Highlands Source Pitilie Burn they are the neighbors of the neighbors of the distilleries of Blair Athol and Edradour Glen Turret.

The business of the Dewar brothers has been closed several times in its history due to lack of barley. The first time was in 1917 when the First World War, the supply was disrupted. In 1919 the distillery was reopened. In 1925 the company merged with Buchanan's and Johnnie Walker under the name of The Distillers Company (DCL). In 1942 the distillery closed for a second time because of a shortage of barley this time by the outbreak of World War II. In 1944 the company re-opened. In 1972, the production capacity doubled by the placement of two stills. In 1998, the company gets its original name, John Dewar & Sons Ltd.. after which they are the twelve year old single malt Aberfeldy introduce in 1999.

Features [edit]
The taste of the whiskeys under the label Aberfeldy characterized by oily, strong and fruity flavor that is perfect digestif. The production capacity of the distillery was 2.1 million gallons per year of which a large part is used to produce the blended whiskey Dewar's White Label. Besides the Aberfeldy Single Malts, there are also two independent bottlers Gordon & Macphail and Signatory.

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